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The Most Economical Home Flooring

flooring-contractorWant to have simple yet elegant looking home flooring that is very easy on the budget? Find a concrete flooring contractor. No need to buy any pricey tile flooring. With just paint and polish, you’re on your way of rocking contemporary or modern looking flooring that’s lease expensive, and you can even do it on your own. Yes, you can do it yourself! Contrary to what most homeowners think, painting and polishing your flooring does not require professional training or undergoing a crash course on home decorating. Simply put, if you can draw a straight line and maintain a single pattern, you could do this project easy-peasy and have it done in no time.

Come to think of it; I don’t know why we have to burden ourselves with expensive, hard to install and high maintenance flooring when we can do away with all of these and still have a chic and stylish flooring. For sure, when this project gets done, you would wonder why you have not thought of this from the beginning and save yourself thousands of dollars from choosing to install costly carpet or hardwood flooring.

So, first things first, make sure that the concrete flooring is clean, then plan your attack, if you will, and have all of the materials you need. Notice that I mentioned cleaning before the next steps. It is because, for me personally, it’s hard to decipher, let’s say, what goes better with your living room décor if the flooring in question has lots of clutter. Not only it’s destructing, but you won’t be able to have a good look at your flooring and determine what color and design would be a good fit.

After cleaning, take a good look at the entire room and consider the interior, furniture, wall color, and whatever visual object you can see. Like if you have dark-colored furniture and fixtures, go for a light color paint to contrast the dark-colored décor. And, vice versa, paint your flooring in a dark color if you already have light-colored furniture and fixtures.

As for the tools and the materials, here’s what you’ll need:

  • vacuum
  • paint roller
  • sand paper
  • primer
  • concrete paint (this usually comes in gray or brown; if you want a variety of colors, use latex paint but make sure it’s the good-quality kind)
  • polyurethane coating

Now, let’s get it on!

Step 1: Sand off any adhesives from previous tile flooring or old paint making sure that there’s no uneven areas.

Step 2: Hopefully there are no cracks or holes on the surface of your floor so you won’t have to purchase mix concrete patch compound. But if there is, then we don’t have a choice, get a package of mix concrete patch compound and apply as per packaging directions.

Step 3: By this time, the flooring should be free of any visible rough surface and cracks, and it should be smooth as skin. Only then you may start painting the floor and begin with applying primer. If you’re really on a budget, you may coat only once. But if your financial resources permit, it’s better to apply two coats when painting concrete floors. Remember to let the floor dry completely between coats.

Step 4:  Afterward, apply with latex or concrete paint. Like the primer, you may only do one coating of latex or concrete paint, but it’s best to put on two layers and just the same, let it dry completely before the second coat.

Step 5: After painting concrete floors, a polyurethane coating should be added for protection and maximum durability. Likewise, one application is okay, but two layers are highly recommended.