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Arborists Chicago IL

We humans are a funny and contradictory species. We all want to be considered unique but we admire the “Herd Mentality” and aspire to do it.

We cry foul when our respective governments do not come good on their election promises but we never try to change on a micro level.

We have no regard for anything that cannot express its feelings and we treat it as our own property without blinking our eyelids and even thinking for a second.

We have all heard about global warming. Extreme fluctuations in temperatures which might result in the varied cooling or heating up of the planet. Well this is not a lecture piece on global warming but more on the consequences that we see around us on a daily basis.

I stepped out today to a fine wintry chill but there was something absurd that I noticed which has become quite apparent over several years. My eyes could not spot any trees or any kind of green cover. Everything is white and sparkly and covered up with concrete.

I stopped to question myself, does concrete take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen? A big fat NO! We humans are experts in two peculiar things: Delegating Blame and taking things for granted. Apparently we have taken the tree cover on our planet for granted way too long. The serpent named Global Warming and its spawn Green House effect is slowly encircling our very existence.

Especially here in Chicago I have observed an exponential growth in Urban City Planning. I can only extrapolate it to the rest of the mega cities across the globe. A simple deduction of this is the elimination of tree cover too fast.

Logic dictates that if we cut down trees we are eliminating absorbers of a gas that is heating up the planet. Not rocket science let me tell you.  We have always considered Medicine as the noblest of professions. The power to heal. Well there is a pursuit that is going to knock medicine of its pedestal.

The profession of an Arborist in Chicago IL or can also be known as a Tree Doctor. I am sure everyone will agree with me that it’s the need of the hour.

An Arborist is mainly tasked with these responsibilities:

They help in pruning a tree to get rid of specific damaged branches to fuel the overall health and growth of the tree.

They are professional guides who know exactly how to remove a tree.

In the event of natural disasters like storms their expertise is valuable in removing a damaged tree safely without damaging surrounding properties.

The most important responsibility of all is planting the right tree in the right place.

So in a nutshell let us encourage our children to become arborists because that is the need of the hour. Also contribute to the environment and plant more trees.